Tuesday, February 14, 2017

HP Headphone/Microphone Combo Audio Jack - External Microphone Not Working (Solved)

Problem: I have an HP Notebook Core i5 bought recently. I wanted to use an external microphone to avoid room sound recorder with the builtin mic. But I was surprised to find that there is no microphone jack in my Notebook. I googled and found that now Notebooks have a combo jack and a few things to note.

1. In default only Speakers / headphones four sound work.
2. External microphone does not work with any builtin software settings.

Solutions: I bought a SPLITTER as shown in the figure below and specification are also given for your understanding.

Hama Jack Adapter Cable
4-pin 3.5mm Plug - 2 x 3.5mm Socket

View This Product on Hama Website

It worked very well and now I can use any external microphone and exteranl speakers / headphones.
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Adobe Captivate Hangs on Start Screen - Solved

Problem: Adobe Captivate (any version) hangs on Start Screen and Never Loads.

Solution: Just Remove all Unnecessary (Non Windows) Fonts and there you are it will start running without any problem.

This problem is caused only because of some problematic or incompatible Fonts.

Note: To manage Fonts or restore and backup font you can use this tiny software called FontFrenzy.

Download FontFrenzy

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